Beach Time

Rusty and Patches have never been to the beach.  And never will be.

However, I think, if they use their imagination, they could believe they are there.  Anyway, here are their pretend photos of “At the Beach.”

almost like being at the beach 2

What could be more “beachy” than fish, sun and waves?

almost like being at the beach

Patches even has her pretend pink whale to keep her company while she’s “absorbing” some ‘rays.


Chowing Down

It’s fun to watch the two of them when they are making good use of the food bowls.

I love how they line up in unison, “copy-catting” each other.

Chompin' away.

Chompin’ away.

Nothing interrupts their concentration.

Or, is that always the case?

Patches has to see what I'm doing standing in back of them.  Rusty always concentrates - no matter what is going on around him.  Right now, his world is the bowl, and nothing else matters!!

Patches has to see what I’m doing standing in back of them. Rusty always concentrates – no matter what is going on around him. Right now, his world is the bowl, and nothing else matters!!

Chillin’ Out

Cats have different personalities and habits even if they’re of the same breed.

Take a look:


I found Patches chillin' out on the patio tile floor.

I found Patches chillin’ out on the patio tile floor.

Rusty was camped out of the tile floor near my kitchen chair.

Rusty was camped out on the tile floor near my kitchen chair.

Waiting For Mom To Open Door To Patio


These photos were taken before Rusty came back onto the scene.  Patches was a very relaxed girl, and advised her Mom about her desires.

Patches 1

A good hiding place.


Patches 3

I’m still waiting for you, Mom.



Mom, when are you going to open the patio?


Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All

I don’t have my camera handy, but I have company again here in my office.  My absence has been long, I know.  I will try to make my post as concise as I can (I’m not known for being concise).  Here’s the story:

Way back around Thanksgiving, I started to have an attack – back and sciatica pain.  It just got worse, and if it weren’t for my sister’s and her husband’s help, I would not have been able to get through my days.  Pain was so bad, that I made visits to the ER twice.

As it got closer to Christmas time, the situation was quite dire, and I said to myself, “What if this attack will not end?  How can I keep on depending upon others to get  me through the days and more importantly, is it wise and fair to have others take care of not only me, but also my cats?”

Blogging was impossible.  Couldn’t sit for long.

In the middle of all this, it was found that Rusty had struvite crystals in his urine, and had to be rushed to the vet.  New special food needed to be introduced into his diet to diminish the formation of these crystals.  Evidently, he has a sensitive stomach, and he was vomiting just about every day.  I was changing the food very slowly – for almost a month – and still, when I went over half new food and half old, he couldn’t tolerate it.  This stress on all of us was extreme.  I thought I had it down to a science – half new and half old, and that seemed to be OK.

Was I being selfish to my family to continue to have them care for Rusty, Romeo and Patches?  After all, they (sister and husband) had never taken care of cats before, and even though they insisted they “didn’t mind at all,” I found it so difficult to be the one receiving the help.  I’m a very independent woman.  Also, in the back of my mind was the question, “What will happen to my cats if I suddenly die tomorrow?”  I had not made any plans for that eventuality.  Next month, I will reach my 78th!  It sounds like a big number.  It is.

So, I made the decision:  they needed to be re-homed!

To be continued tomorrow…


The Great Divide

At opposite ends.  Romeo and Patches seem to have reached an agreement on the couch.


The Question of Rug Ownership

Patches is a very patient girl.  So sweet.  She really wanted to lay down in the spot where Rusty made himself comfortable.  So, she decided to take up the space next to Rusty.  As soon as she did, Rusty left the rug.

I’m always surprised by their actions.  One can never predict what they will do.  That’s part of the allure of cats.  They keep life interesting, for sure.