Feather Fun

Feathers are fun; at least, Rusty thinks so.  He’s the most playful of the three.  I got a few shots with the feather that I want to share with you all.

feather 3

This was a rare one in which I caught his mouth open, tongue out, trying to grab the feather.

featherfeather 2

My Cooking Supervisor

Rusty follows his Mom all over the house.  He loves to be near when I’m in the kitchen, fixing some food for myself on the counter.  He makes himself very comfortable on the bar overlooking the counter.  He usually supervises, but this time, he kind of dozed off.  That’s OK.  I can manage without his help this time.


Rusty: A Touchy – Feely – Cuddley Guy

Rusty, you are the best cuddle-er.  I know that isn’t a real word, but it fits.  Someone once said, “If it works, don’t fix it.”  My cats aren’t lap cats, but they know how to get close to their Mom.

Fortunately, I had my camera close by when I sat down on the loveseat in the family room.  Darling little Rusty takes that as his signal to run in from wherever he was at the time, and jump up next to me.  Front paws aren’t enough.  His back paws have to touch Mom, too.  HEAVEN – This must be it.

Touchytouchy 2touchy 3touchy 4touchy 5touchy 6touchy 7

How Am I Supposed To Do Any Work Here?

My cats, Patches, Rusty and Romeo, love to keep me company when I’m in the office, working on my computer.  All work has to stop when all three decide to keep me company at the same time.

computer cats

computer cats 2

What Is So Interesting About The Closet?

It always amazes me to see how interested cats are to hang out in closets.  Rusty and Romeo, in particular, are no exceptions.

Thinking about the closet

Thinking about going into the closet. I can do it because I learned how to open the door.

closet 1

Yep, I’m going to do it.

closet 2

Sometimes, it takes me a while to think about it.

Closet, here I come!

Closet, here I come!

Oops-someone beat me to it

Oops! Someone (Romeo, my “best” buddy) beat me to it!

lovely tail, Romeo

Lovely tail, Romeo. I see you are looking for a comfortable spot in the closet.

someone is happy in the closet

You found it!



Patches Didn’t Have A Good Day At The Vet Again

Patches has had a problem with “chin acne” for quite some time – it was on and off again – coming and going.  So, lately, it’s been more coming than going, so I decided it was time to seek professional help.

Patches is the one who gets more upset with going to the vet than the other two.  She has always been very sensitive about these visits.  But this time, she was more upset than I remember her to be.  Perhaps it’s because she’s getting older (she’s 12 now).

Dr. Connery prescribed antibiotic and antifungal wipes to be applied 1 – 2 times a day.  Patches isn’t too happy about that, either.

We came home late morning after the vet visit.  Starting from that moment, Patches has stuck to me like glue.  She’s very unhappy, and if I’m in another room, she cries – almost shouts – for me to come to her.  (She can be very demanding at times and this is one of those times.)  She’s been following me around the house, and right now, she’s on the desk in front of me.  She needs comforting BIG TIME!

Sweet girl.  Can't you see how sweet she is?

Sweet girl. Mom is right here.

I hope we all can get better sleep tonight, because Patches kept us up most of the night with her crying.  Those vet visits are most upsetting, poor thing!

There’s A New Box In Town


Those of my followers who own cats already know what an attraction a new box is to our cats.  It becomes a cave, a house, a bed, a hide-a-way, a safe place.

Just in case someone who is viewing my posts doesn’t own a cat and cats are mysteries, I will attempt to unfold one mystery:  boxes.

box - romeo

box - romeo 2


box - patches 3

box - patches 2

box - patches

Rusty’s Nap Time


Rusty is a treasure to live with – when he’s awake, but also when he’s napping.  At the moment, as I type, he is here on my desk, keeping me company.  His motor is going.  He’s a happy boy!

Nap time - notice the right paw over left.  He always has right over left.

Nap time – notice the right paw over left. He always has right over left.

Time out for a VERY BIG YAWN.

Time out for a VERY BIG YAWN.

Back to sleep.

Back to sleep.