No More Separation Anxiety

Problem solved.  Rusty is not unhappy anymore at night.  He is now sleeping with his Mom.

cat sleeping

We tried different scenarios, but now we are both getting a night’s sleep.  It feels good.

A Pussycat Christmas Package

Came across a delightful video.  Must share it and thank you to Candy Cat for posting it on Twitter.  Enjoy!!



Separation Anxiety

Ever since coming back from a short trip last week, there’s not been much sleep going on in my house at night.

more sleep

Human and cats didn’t get much during these past nights.

cat yawning

Rusty was crying and scratching on the bathroom door every night.  So, of course, he caught up on his sleep during the day.

OMG-What a baby-July 2011

Each night I climb into bed, I wonder, “Will I get some decent sleep tonight?”