One of my greatest pleasures in life is having my cats.  They are a source of contentment, laughing, softness – the whole ball of wax called, “therapy.”  Many people will say, “naah, I’m a dog person.”  Well, I used to be also, once, a long time ago.  I still melt when I see puppies – such innocent creatures that just get right into your heart.

My first dog was “Sam.”  Short for Samantha.  Beagle.  The vet called her the “idiot dog.”  Very difficult to train.  But, with perseverance, she was trained.  The sweetest little dog.  Lost her to a brain problem caused by a tick.

Then there was “Missy.”  She was a wonderful “person” who happened to be a small miniature Poodle.  Silver.  Had her for 15 years, and the family and I were heartbroken when we had to part with her.  Never got another dog.

CiCi, my daughter’s cat at the time, was Missy’s constant companion.  CiCi was born in our house.  Her mom was named after that cat that was on all the cat food commercials at the time:  “Morris.”  My son named her, before we knew how to tell the difference between sexes.

I was known as the “cat lady” in the neighborhood.  Every once in a while, a little kid would come to the door, holding a kitten, and asked if it belonged to me.  I was, thereafter, a “cat lady.”

Patches, Rusty and Romeo came into my life between 2003-2005.  Originally, Patches arrived with her brother, Buster.  Buster was a special boy.  He was soft, mellow, unassuming, patient and he was also beautiful.  Unfortunately, he became sick and we lost him at the age of 3.  Knowing he was not going to survive, we got Rusty to keep Patches company so that she wouldn’t be alone.  It so happened that Patches did not like little Rusty.  So, we had to get Rusty a playmate:  and in came Romeo!

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  1. I have 6 cats so I know exactly what you mean! Cats are so silly and they get into everything, hence the saying…curiosity killed the cat..sadly but they find themselves in so much trouble smh. Love your pics your kitties are so cute. I wish everyone would adopt a pet instead of buying so senseless killing could be abolished at shelters around the country/world. It’s so tragic to kill perfectly healthy animals, sometimes they don’t even spare puppies or kittens. Sorry to put a damper on things..just wanted to share the sad truth. 😦

    • I understand where you’re coming from, Stacey Ann. And thank you for your comment and for viewing my “About” page. So glad you enjoy my photos of my 3 loves. Speaking of getting into trouble:

      When Rusty was a kitten, he jumped into my refrigerator when I wasn’t watching, and my husband and I were eating supper when we started to hear muted mewing. I walked all around the house and finally figured out it was coming from our fridge!!!!

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