Bags, Boxes and Baskets for Patches

If you have ever owned a cat, you know how enticed they are about anything they can try to climb into.  Patches is no exception.

She won the contest with Romeo and Rusty.  All three of them wanted to get into this box which had contained items from Drs. Foster and Smith (an online store for all things for pets) .  Do they know instinctively that there are some really good smells emanating from within?

Now, sometimes, I realize that I’m too big to fit into a bag.  But, I still claim ownership.  After all, this is a good-smelling bag!  It came from one of my mommy’s favorite stores.

Finally!!  I can fit in this bag!  This is heaven.  Excuse me if I look a little smug!

Basket?  Did someone say “basket?”  Now, this is my style!!

“Meet and Greet” Mr. Handsome


Romeo loves to greet people who come to visit.  He’s the first one at the door.  He doesn’t jump and run around in circles like a dog would; no, he loves to smell an outstretched finger or shoes or feet if anyone left their shoes home.  He loves the smell of feet and shoes; in fact, he gets so loving that he actually does somersaults!  He puts his head down, turns it so far that the rest of his body follows and before you know it, he has performed a feline somersault!!

I believe his best physical attributes are his hypnotic blue eyes and his “ruff.”  If you were speaking about a lion, you would call it his “mane.”  But Romeo is far from a lion.  He is very gentle and isn’t happy until he’s smelled everyone’s shoes and feet.

My sister, Merry, nicknamed Romeo, Mr. Handsome.  It’s his name as far as she’s concerned.

Little Miss Tippy-Tongue

Happy LIttle Girl

 Patches was purchased as a “pet” quality, which means she isn’t “show” quality or breeding quality.  Just a pet.  Sometimes, a “pet” quality cat shows some disfigurement or something missing, which tells the breeder right away this is “pet” quality to be sold as such.

Patches’ little “problem” is that her face isn’t exactly equal on both sides; one side of her face is shorter than the other.  It isn’t noticeable at first, I think, but when you look closer, you will see it.  She has another problem:  she was born with one of her canines missing (the long tooth on top).  And, she also has had some teeth pulled due to periodontal disease.  So, physically, she isn’t “perfect.”  But, she is perfect to us.

Our little girl is extremely sweet and affectionate.  And very talkative.  She talks when she jumps up, and when she jumps down.  When she enters a room where we are, and when she needs some attention.  Sometimes, when I’m singing to a song that’s playing on the CD player, she joins in!  I’m not kidding.  Bob can attest to that.  The first time she did that, I couldn’t believe she was singing with me, but she did it again.  She really enjoys it and comes close to me to show me that she does.

But, I have veered off the subject.  Because Patches has some teeth missing, and when she is very relaxed and just feeling good, that little pink tongue tip gets stuck out.  She looks so cute when she does that.  That’s why she has the nickname, Little Miss Tippy-Tongue.

Rusty’s Complaint

Poor Rusty.  He complains alot!  This morning, he wanted to play with my pills.

Bob is “in charge” of getting our pills and vitamins ready in the morning. Rusty knows when this is happening, and he stands at the ready.  This morning, I was still at the table, watching TV, and all of a sudden, Rusty was on the table.  He wanted my pills.  I gave him the “down” signal and he got off, right onto the chair usually occupied by Bob.  I continued to look at the TV.  My peripheral vision came into play:  out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red paw slowly reaching toward the small glass that held my pills.  I had left it too close to the edge of the table.  I pulled it away just in time.  (Some time ago, I wasn’t as watchful, and my pills and the glass dish was scattered across the floor!)  I yelled, and he scampered off to where Bob was sitting.  The disappointed little guy was so distraught that he let off a stream of complaint at Bob like you never heard before!

Rusty’s Other Names

Rusty is a pussycat who is blessed with several different names.  Most of these other names have been coined by my husband, Bob.

Bob, who never had a cat before he met me, has grown to be VERY fond of them and talks to them all the time.  He enjoys the attention of Patches who is very talkative and many times keeps him company when he’s watching TV.  She is a very good TV companion, because she actually seems very interested in what he’s looking at, and spends lots of time sitting in front of the TV, looking at the screen.  Romeo never watches TV.  He’s too busy snoozing.  But Bob really enjoys it when Romeo rubs against his leg.  He actually is a very affectionate cat when he’s in the “mood.”  But I certainly did get off the topic, didn’t I?  That’s what’s so nice about blogging.

Rusty and his other names, right?  Back on track.  As you can see from this photo, there is definitely a special bond between those two beings.  It’s at times like these that Rusty is in Earth Heaven.  And, even though he won’t admit it even to me, Bob is there too!  He gets a very soft look on his face with a special smile that I have never seen; only when he is near to Rusty.

Did I get off track again?  Bob is the only one who has given several other names to Rusty because he is so crazy about that cat.  To name them:  LITTLE GUY; STINKER; LITTLE RUNT (he’s small); SPOILED BRAT (he loves to be petted when he wants to eat!); and others that I can’t think of right now.  That Bob – he loves that cat.