Update On Romeo’s Situation

I’ve had a very heavy heart lately.  Wondering and worrying about what has happened to Romeo.

If you’ve read my “Hello Everyone!” posts (4 parts), you’ll know that my life has changed (these things happen as we grow “older”).  Rusty is back, but Romeo is not.


Miss you, sweet boy.

I hadn’t heard from Linda of RU4ME rescue organization in the last 3 weeks (the amount of time since I re-adopted Rusty).  So, it was my assumption that Romeo was still being fostered.  I had to find out for sure about what has happened to him.  I called her this morning, and she apologized for not calling me.  The rescue “business” is a very demanding one, and fitting in personal responsibilities – well, she is very busy, for sure.

I started off my call by telling her how heavy my heart has been every day since I last saw him in that cage, looking at me as if telling me he was very disappointed that I wasn’t taking him back, and that he needed to be back home.

Was I imagining it or was it for real, that his expression in his eyes was full of sadness and fright?

The tears were streaming down my face as I spoke with Linda, and she finally, with happiness and excitement, told me he was adopted.

The boyfriend of one of the young women who fostered Romeo adopted him!  And it was a wonderful placement.  I asked her if Romeo was the only one in the house, and she said he was.

I told her to give the adopter my phone number, and if there is anything he wants to know about Romeo, I would love to speak to him.  I thanked her for all she did for me and Rusty and Romeo, and for all the hard work in making it possible for kittens and adult cats to find new, loving, responsible homes.

At this moment, I still feel sad.  Romeo was my baby for 10 years, and there is a space in my heart (one of many) where he still resides.  But, knowing he has been re-homed in a good place, has lifted some of the weight I’ve been walking around with, for these many weeks.

Cool Cat

Romeo is a very smart cat.  He opens closet doors, he gives me his paw when I say, “Shake.”  And, he, among other things, can find the best spot to keep cool on the sunny patio:  in the shade under a chair.

cool cat

C’mon Romeo


Romeo is such a good boy.  I think he would follow me anywhere!



Romeo’s Toy

Lately, Romeo has been showing favoritism with one particular toy.  It’s the first time I’ve seen him doing this in all his almost ten years!!

His timing has not been very good, however.  He does this “possession” thing, just when I want to sweep the floor from litter tracks that occurred all night.  So, I wind up either doing it later or sweeping all around him.  He doesn’t move; doesn’t get out of the way.

Sometimes I feel like he’s staring me down – daring me to take away his favorite toy!


Romeos toy 2

Romeo Taking ownership

Romeos toy 3

Romeos toy 4



Today Is A-Frame Day


It is rare when Romeo decides to look at the room from a different angle.

Today, he has decided to do some “overlooking” from the A-frame tree.




Box In A Box


The other day, I put a couple of boxes into the laundry room; the purpose being to bring them into the garage the next time I go in there.

Before I knew it, Romeo was making himself very comfortable – wedging between the little box and the wall of the larger one.  HURRY AND GET THE CAMERA, CAROL!


boxes 1

Before I knew it, Patches made herself known:

boxes 3

boxes 5

No, Patches decided to not go into the box.  Not enough room, I guess.  Besides, Romeo had made the original claim and sweet Patches wouldn’t DREAM of bothering him.




Closeups: Romeo

Romeo is a Ragdoll.  Many people have never heard of that breed, and yet, it isn’t all that new.  It’s been around since the latter part of the 1980s, I believe.

How did the Ragdolls get their breed name?  Well, the story goes like this:  It seems that a woman came across a cat that was very handsome, like Romeo, and when she picked it up, it hung limp – like a child’s ragdoll would.  A very simple story.  Since then, there’s been some cross-breeding (most popular with Siamese and Birmans) to define the breed.

My sister calls Romeo, "Mr. Handsome."  I can't imagine why!

My sister calls Romeo, “Mr. Handsome.” I can’t imagine why!


Romeo has a very intent look.

Romeo has a very intense look.


A thoughtful moment, contemplating what to do with this feather.

A thoughtful moment, contemplating what to do with this feather.

“Meet and Greet” Mr. Handsome


Romeo loves to greet people who come to visit.  He’s the first one at the door.  He doesn’t jump and run around in circles like a dog would; no, he loves to smell an outstretched finger or shoes or feet if anyone left their shoes home.  He loves the smell of feet and shoes; in fact, he gets so loving that he actually does somersaults!  He puts his head down, turns it so far that the rest of his body follows and before you know it, he has performed a feline somersault!!

I believe his best physical attributes are his hypnotic blue eyes and his “ruff.”  If you were speaking about a lion, you would call it his “mane.”  But Romeo is far from a lion.  He is very gentle and isn’t happy until he’s smelled everyone’s shoes and feet.

My sister, Merry, nicknamed Romeo, Mr. Handsome.  It’s his name as far as she’s concerned.