Bags, Boxes and Baskets for Patches

If you have ever owned a cat, you know how enticed they are about anything they can try to climb into.  Patches is no exception.

She won the contest with Romeo and Rusty.  All three of them wanted to get into this box which had contained items from Drs. Foster and Smith (an online store for all things for pets) .  Do they know instinctively that there are some really good smells emanating from within?

Now, sometimes, I realize that I’m too big to fit into a bag.  But, I still claim ownership.  After all, this is a good-smelling bag!  It came from one of my mommy’s favorite stores.

Finally!!  I can fit in this bag!  This is heaven.  Excuse me if I look a little smug!

Basket?  Did someone say “basket?”  Now, this is my style!!