Glad to Be Back!

After a long hiatus, I have decided to “resurrect” my “pussycats3” blog.

Rusty.  My desk companion.

Rusty. My desk companion.

Fortunately, I can report that Patches, Rusty and Romeo are still doing well and are very contented cats; although, I must say, they seem to be a little more spoiled since my last blog posts.  “Spoiled in what way?” you ask.  If you have cats, or have ever had cats, you know how easy it is to spoil cats.  I believe people other than “cat people” have no idea that it’s possible to spoil cats (“Only dogs and children can be spoiled,” you say?).  Example:  I made the mistake of letting Patches and Rusty lick some butter from my fingertip one morning.  Ever since, they are my constant companions on either side of my kitchen chair, and many times, I didn’t know they were there; however, they made themselves noticed by one of them complaining with their “complaining” sound.

Romeo.  Mr. "Handsome"

Romeo. Mr. “Handsome”

I won’t go into the many sounds a vocal cat can make.  (I won’t call their sounds “meows” because most of their sounds do not sound like “meow.”)  Does it sound as if I’m hooked on that word?

Anyway – where was I?  Oh yes.  They are doing very well, except for the fact that poor Patches and Rusty did have some teeth pulled since last I posted.  That was no fun – either for them or for me.  I didn’t have the pain – physically, but I sure had pain in my heart.  Rusty had the hardest time because they pulled one of his canines in the bottom, and he suffered.  Had to take him back to get a shot of pain medicine – fast acting and he was much happier.  Poor guy.

Patches-Happy Little Girl

Patches-Happy Little Girl

So, it feels good to be back, and I hope that you all will find something worthwhile in my postings.

Wishing all a happy and healthy New Year

PS:  I have also started a new blog at called “Sunshinebright.”  Please give it a look!  Thanks.

Little Miss Tippy-Tongue

Happy LIttle Girl

 Patches was purchased as a “pet” quality, which means she isn’t “show” quality or breeding quality.  Just a pet.  Sometimes, a “pet” quality cat shows some disfigurement or something missing, which tells the breeder right away this is “pet” quality to be sold as such.

Patches’ little “problem” is that her face isn’t exactly equal on both sides; one side of her face is shorter than the other.  It isn’t noticeable at first, I think, but when you look closer, you will see it.  She has another problem:  she was born with one of her canines missing (the long tooth on top).  And, she also has had some teeth pulled due to periodontal disease.  So, physically, she isn’t “perfect.”  But, she is perfect to us.

Our little girl is extremely sweet and affectionate.  And very talkative.  She talks when she jumps up, and when she jumps down.  When she enters a room where we are, and when she needs some attention.  Sometimes, when I’m singing to a song that’s playing on the CD player, she joins in!  I’m not kidding.  Bob can attest to that.  The first time she did that, I couldn’t believe she was singing with me, but she did it again.  She really enjoys it and comes close to me to show me that she does.

But, I have veered off the subject.  Because Patches has some teeth missing, and when she is very relaxed and just feeling good, that little pink tongue tip gets stuck out.  She looks so cute when she does that.  That’s why she has the nickname, Little Miss Tippy-Tongue.