“Meet and Greet” Mr. Handsome


Romeo loves to greet people who come to visit.  He’s the first one at the door.  He doesn’t jump and run around in circles like a dog would; no, he loves to smell an outstretched finger or shoes or feet if anyone left their shoes home.  He loves the smell of feet and shoes; in fact, he gets so loving that he actually does somersaults!  He puts his head down, turns it so far that the rest of his body follows and before you know it, he has performed a feline somersault!!

I believe his best physical attributes are his hypnotic blue eyes and his “ruff.”  If you were speaking about a lion, you would call it his “mane.”  But Romeo is far from a lion.  He is very gentle and isn’t happy until he’s smelled everyone’s shoes and feet.

My sister, Merry, nicknamed Romeo, Mr. Handsome.  It’s his name as far as she’s concerned.