Grieving Mama Cat Who Lost All Three Babies Matched With Three Abandoned Kittens

Love this story. Very touching, about a new mama who lost her own three babies.


This story just hit my heart on so many levels and I had to share it. I hope you get feels from it as well. So special…

From the Huffington Post

written by Arlene Nisson Lassin

This is a true story of a very depressed and grieving mama cat, brought back to a happy maternal state thanks to some very loving people involved in the rescue and foster care of cats, complete with gorgeous photos of this miraculous match. (Here and at the end.)


Mikey, an eight month old cat, was inconsolable. She had three kittens, born too early. They were weak and one by one, they died. Mikey’s owner Hillary tried everything she could think of to save the babies.

After the last of Mikey’s kitten’s passed away the cat was searching frantically for her offspring, acted very depressed, and her breasts were engorged with milk.

Watching her cat…

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Going With The Flow

Pussycats 3 is a busy place.  The three of them are continually changing their preferences.  I noticed Romeo seemed to want to spend more time lately on the couch (he’s smart) than on my desk (it gets crowded many times as you have seen in previous posts).  So, using good ol’ human ingenuity, I solved that problem.


Romeo 2

Romeo 3

The towel did a good job of keeping all that fur off the couch (Romeo prefers the towel now); however, there is another positive result in using the towel:

Romeo 4

Now, Rusty has the desk all to himself!!

Japans Cat Man

I was very taken with this story about a Japanese man adopting 9 stray cats. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Japan is well-known for its love of cats and cat culture. They were the first to pioneer cat cafes, which have since popped up all over the world, and they even have their very own island where cats dominate and outnumber people 6 to 1.

Japan also has Masahiko Suga, a 53-year-old retired electronics company worker who has become the countries first official cat man.

Japan, Cats, Japans Cat man, Japans Cat culture, Cat cafes, Cat Island, Equality for Cats, Masahiko Suga,

Masahiko can been seen walking his nine cats around Kitakyushu’s central shopping district area in south-west Japan. His daily walks have earned him the name of ‘Cat Man of Kyushu”, or Cat Uncle.

Japan, Cats, Japans Cat man, Japans Cat culture, Cat cafes, Cat Island, Equality for Cats, Masahiko Suga, Image – The Happy Lab

Masahiko rescued his first stray cat in 1999 and he said that they relieved his work stress but started taking them outside when they began to damage his furniture. Masahiko tells The Asahi Shimbun that he is happy if he “can give an opportunity for cat…

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Oops! Sorry I Woke You, Patches

I guess I wasn’t quiet enough.  I wanted to take a photo of Patches while she slept – she looked so beautiful!  But, she caught me as I caught her, half awake.


It Looks Like Pussycats 3 Is Likeable!

What a lovely surprise!  And leave it to WordPress to keep tabs on numbers and statistics.


Thank you to all you Awesome Bloggers who like my Pussycats3, starring Patches, Rusty and Romeo.

One Of Rusty’s Favorite Relaxation Cushions: Newspapers

When I’m in the kitchen, Rusty likes to be near, and it doesn’t matter where he parks himself.  This time, he found a wonderful cushion of newspapers.  Feels just right.



Romeo Knows How To Relax

How could I forget about Romeo when it comes to having a conversation about relaxation?  He’s one of the most experienced on that subject.

"Mr. Handsome" is no slouch in the relaxation department.

“Mr. Handsome” is no slouch in the relaxation department.  A more frequent favorite place is on Mom’s bed in the afternoon.