Spring to Action

You know, I’ve tried so many toys to try to entice Rusty’s activity with toys, but he really didn’t show that much interest.  A sniff here, a sniff there, and he’d walk away.

While surfing the web for cats toys, I came upon something that was different from all other toys I’ve seen for cats:  Springs!  I ordered 2 packages of ten.  Usually, I would order one of a new item, but this time, something made my finger click on 2.

It's caught on my tooth!

It came about a week later.  I opened one package, and saw the different colored plastic springs.  Of course, I had company and helpers with opening the package, as always.  Sniff, sniff.  Paw, paw.  I opened one of the plastic bags, and found that the 10 were rolled into each other and had a grand ole time trying to unroll them.  In the meantime, I had 3 impatient cats trying to help me.

Finally, got them unrolled and put a couple on the floor.  Wham.  Bang.  Run.  Chase.  Push.  Paws and feet flying.  Rusty flying.  Banging into the wall, furniture.  It’s gone.  Under the couch, under the bed, under the chair.  Pleading eyes pierce mine.  So, another one was dropped on the floor.

Patches has her eyes on the spring.

More wham.  More bang.  More run.  More chase.  More push and paws and feet flying.  Under the couch, under the bed, under the chair again.  More pleading eyes.  Oh well.  All of them were then on the floor and getting pushed under the chairs, couches, etc.  I spend lots of time looking under furniture for these springs!

Romeo has to get his licks in too!

I finally gave up and opened the other package.

Nice selection for you lucky kitties.

I can’t tell you how happy this all made Bob and me.  Rusty was so excited.  Never saw him get so.  These springs really caused a “spring to action.”