Waiting For Mom To Open Door To Patio


These photos were taken before Rusty came back onto the scene.  Patches was a very relaxed girl, and advised her Mom about her desires.

Patches 1

A good hiding place.


Patches 3

I’m still waiting for you, Mom.



Mom, when are you going to open the patio?


Rusty’s First Night Back Home

Rusty found his favorite (one of them) spot.

Rusty 1st Night Home

This was the second spot he likes.  The first one was on the bench in front of the bedroom window.  He sat on the windowsill to look out at his favorite scene:  the lake.  It seems like he is making a lovely re-adjustment.

He looks decidedly better than when I first got him home.  After a while of getting comfortable, I was able to get him to the “grooming” table, and I got to work on him.  He is still such a good boy!


Rusty 1st Night Home-Patches

Patches, on the other hand, is not so sure this is a happy surprise; however, after some coaxing by me, she came onto her favorite spot on the loveseat.  It took her a while to get comfortable here, because she was on the lookout for Rusty (who was comfortable in the bathroom sink).


Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All – Part 4 (Final)

It was with a heavy heart that I left Petsmart on Sunday.  What will become of Romeo now?

I know it is beyond my physical capacity to care for 3.  I was planning on just having Patches to be my company from now on.  I could manage with the two, Rusty and Patches.  The amount of work is just about the same.  I can’t help feeling guilty and sad.  Will this pass?  I wonder.

So, when I put Rusty’s carrier down onto the kitchen floor, he stood up and was waiting for the door to open.  He walked right out.  It was evident that he recognized his home.

Rusty walked out of the kitchen, through the living room, into my bedroom, and walked towards my bathroom.  Looked in, walked back into the bedroom, walked past the bed and went under it.

He needed time to process it all.  Patches followed him into the bedroom, and “kept him company” on the floor on the other side of the bed.  She sat there for a very long time.  She evidently had to process it all, too.

Rusty finally came out when he heard me putting more food in the bowl.  He looked at it, drank some water, and went behind the loveseat in the family room and ducked under it.

Later, he came out to eat.  Followed me everywhere I went in the house, while Patches sat down under the kitchen table and had to let her mind get used to this “new” member of the household, again.

Things have calmed down – they were from the onset, I believe.  Right now, Rusty is comfortable on the console I have next to the TV in my office, and Patches is very comfortable on my desk as I’m typing away.

I believe things will progress from this point.  And, thanks for your patience in allowing me to get this all off my chest. 🙂


Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All – Part 3

It took almost 2 hours to process a new adoption.  The rescue group was short-handed (they always need volunteers).

I was getting very impatient.  I wanted to get home.

We found Rusty’s carrier, and the toys I gave the adopter.  Missing were the scratching posts and cat tree I gave her; however, the special food for Rusty was there.

As I held Rusty in my arms before I put him into his carrier, I gazed at Romeo, petted him, and said, “I’m sorry, Romeo.”  I know he will miss his buddy.  I can’t help it.  I have to let him go.

To be continued…



Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All – Part 2


I contacted RU4ME organization here in Palm Beach County FL.  They are a wonderful rescue organization, and they find homes for mainly cats who need to be adopted.  Sometimes dogs too, I believe.  They accepted Rusty and Romeo.

Those two were adopted immediately.  Together.  That was the stipulation I put on them.

I texted the adopter, and she assured me, as did RU4ME, that she was a good placement for Rusty and Romeo.

For the last 3 months, I have missed them terribly, and of course, I had Patches with me, but there was an emptiness going on here.

Two weeks ago, I got a text from the adopter, telling me that she couldn’t keep them any longer, and even though she has tried to get someone to take Rusty and Romeo, she was getting panicky.  (She wasn’t the only one.)  Could I take them?  I said I couldn’t, but she should contact the rescue organization.  She tried, she said, but couldn’t reach anyone (?).

I contacted them and relayed the problem.  Of course they should have been contacted immediately.  It was in the contract she had signed.

The adopter informed me and the rescue group that she had her hand and arm in a brace; needed to have surgery on her arm; needed to go north for the surgery; will be staying up there with family for recovery; and then was going to be out of country for a month.  In other words, something had better be done quickly because “they were good cats” in her words.

My mind was working and I realized that she probably was not able to properly care for Rusty and Romeo very well, and how were they faring in her care all this time?  These were troubling thoughts.

Everything was arranged for Sat., April 23rd.  She would bring them to Petsmart, where the adoptions took place.  Fine.

Friday evening, I got a call from the activist (Mrs. W.) at the rescue organization.  She was panicky.  The adopter informed her that she will be bringing Rusty and Romeo to Petsmart on Saturday, but she would be leaving them there, and would not return to pick them up if they weren’t adopted on Saturday!

They were not, but a foster home was found for them.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 24th, I showed up at Petsmart before the cages were set up for the “showing.”  After a long while, I found out Rusty and Romeo would not be “showed.”  They were put back in the glass-enclosed area that is set up for “long term” cats.  The rescue group let me in there, and I found Rusty and Romeo in the cage.  I said, “Where is Rusty?”  I couldn’t see him in there.

He was hiding under a small mat.  Romeo was in a box-like raised area.  I picked up Rusty and realized he was in poor condition.  I was told that his fur was very matted, and they tried to clean up some of the tangles.  His ears were very dirty, and he an unkempt look.  Romeo had a frightened look on his face.  There was no blue in his eyes.

To be continued…


Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All

I don’t have my camera handy, but I have company again here in my office.  My absence has been long, I know.  I will try to make my post as concise as I can (I’m not known for being concise).  Here’s the story:

Way back around Thanksgiving, I started to have an attack – back and sciatica pain.  It just got worse, and if it weren’t for my sister’s and her husband’s help, I would not have been able to get through my days.  Pain was so bad, that I made visits to the ER twice.

As it got closer to Christmas time, the situation was quite dire, and I said to myself, “What if this attack will not end?  How can I keep on depending upon others to get  me through the days and more importantly, is it wise and fair to have others take care of not only me, but also my cats?”

Blogging was impossible.  Couldn’t sit for long.

In the middle of all this, it was found that Rusty had struvite crystals in his urine, and had to be rushed to the vet.  New special food needed to be introduced into his diet to diminish the formation of these crystals.  Evidently, he has a sensitive stomach, and he was vomiting just about every day.  I was changing the food very slowly – for almost a month – and still, when I went over half new food and half old, he couldn’t tolerate it.  This stress on all of us was extreme.  I thought I had it down to a science – half new and half old, and that seemed to be OK.

Was I being selfish to my family to continue to have them care for Rusty, Romeo and Patches?  After all, they (sister and husband) had never taken care of cats before, and even though they insisted they “didn’t mind at all,” I found it so difficult to be the one receiving the help.  I’m a very independent woman.  Also, in the back of my mind was the question, “What will happen to my cats if I suddenly die tomorrow?”  I had not made any plans for that eventuality.  Next month, I will reach my 78th!  It sounds like a big number.  It is.

So, I made the decision:  they needed to be re-homed!

To be continued tomorrow…