Romeo’s and Rusty’s Favorite Past Time

I caught the two buddies enjoying their food side by side.

Romeo and Rusty at Food Bowl Romeo and Rusty at Food Bowl 2


I Thought I’d Never See This

I happened into the bedroom one day last week after shopping, and after seeing Romeo and Patches together, I grabbed my camera.  Patches and Romeo are kind of out of sorts with each other usually, and Patches tries to avoid Romeo whenever she can.

These photos are proof that animals are always surprising you.  Will wonders never cease?

Romeo and Patches snuggling 1

Romeo and Patches snuggling 2

Romeo and Patches snuggling 3

Hey, That’s Mom’s Pillow!

My cats are taking over the whole house – I don’t really care, but NOT MY PILLOW!!

That's my pillow

Thats my pillow 2

Romeo Loves When Mom Goes Shopping


Romeo is licking his chops for the bags

Romeo can’t wait to start chewing on the plastic bags.


Romeo loves Publix shopping

When Romeo is told to get down, I get back talk!


Cat Slumber Party

If humans could have a slumber party, why not cats?


slumber party 1

Slumber 2

Slumber 3

All In A Day’s Nap

Cats are known for their proficiency in napping:  not only do they nap many hours of the day; they also like to change their napping place and their napping position.

The photos below were all taken on the same day.


All in a days nap 6

all in a days nap 2

All in a days nap 7

All in a days nap 9

All in a days nap 4

All in a days nap 5

All in a days nap 3

All in a days nap 8

A Super Petting Time: Rusty

What could be better than a really good petting?  Nothing!


Mom, please move your hand closer

Mom, I’m ready! Please move your hand closer.


Loving the Petting 4

A little closer, Mom


Loving the Petting 3

Aw, c’mon, Mom. Now, you’re teasing me!


Loving the Petting 2

I knew you could do it, Mom. This is what I wanted!


Loving the Petting

Heaven here on Earth! Am I lucky, or what?