Desk Buddies

Many times during the day, I leave my desk to perform chores of one kind or another, and today, when I came back into my office, guess who I found lying very comfortably on my desk?  None other than my two sweet Exotics.

Every so often, they decide to be buddies (for a short time), especially when it’s on Mom’s desk so she can’t get back to work!

desk buddies

desk buddies 2

Flat Face Rusty

Rusty belongs to the breed known as “Exotic Shorthair.”  It’s an official CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) name for this breed of cats that originated from the Persians by way of a genetic mutation many, many years ago.

One of the distinguishing features of these cats is their broad, flat face and small ears.  This is the first time I was able to capture Rusty’s phenomenal facial side view.

flat face

Cool Cat

Romeo is a very smart cat.  He opens closet doors, he gives me his paw when I say, “Shake.”  And, he, among other things, can find the best spot to keep cool on the sunny patio:  in the shade under a chair.

cool cat

An Attention-Getter

It’s not very often when I walk into the bedroom and there they (Romeo, Patches and Rusty) all are!  I guess I got their attention!



attenion 2

After surprising them, I got “love eyes.” They are so good!


A Truce On The Rug

Romeo and Patches only tolerate each other as a rule; however, the other day I happened to catch them comfortably sharing the rug that is mostly Patches’ territory.

As long as Romeo isn’t hitting Patches on top of her head with his paw, I guess she’s OK with his “invading” her “property.”  Romeo is still being careful.  He’s using just a corner of the rug.

What a surprise.  A truce is in progress here.


rug 2

rug 3

The Lookout

Romeo loves to sit on the cat tree to look out at the lake and is usually interested in something going on out there.

Mr. Great Blue Heron decided to make his appearance this morning, and Romeo was right there to witness him as he strutted along the lake edge.

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Enjoying The Lap Of….


My Mom lets me make myself comfortable wherever I set myself down.  I’m the proverbial “Happy Cat.”

She caught me again with her camera when I decided to spend the evening out here on the patio.


lap 2

The First Step In Making Lasagna


I’m not much of a cook; in fact, I don’t cook – period.  But, I came across a recipe for making lasagna recently, and it starts off with the first step:



I Love When Rusty Poses

I walked into the patio a few days ago, and there was Rusty staring right at me!  I love when he has his paws turned down like that.  I quickly turned around and went for my camera, praying that he would be in the same position when I returned.

He was!  The photos below are the result before he decided to jump down.

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Patches Loves To Sunbathe

The patio is very sunny, since it faces south.  Patches is the only one of the three who likes to sunbathe, and the patio is perfect.

She’s feeling good right now, “soaking up” those UV rays through the tinted windows.

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