Good Job, Rusty. You’re A Very Clean Boy!

Taking photos of Rusty is one of my greatest pleasures.  He is so photogenic and doesn’t mind the camera AT ALL!

This photo session was one of my favorites.  The ending was superb, IMHO!  What a face.

Just hanging around, wondering what to do next.

Just hanging around, wondering what to do next.

I know! I'll start giving myself a bath.

I know! I’ll start giving myself a bath.

I always start with my face.

I always start with my face.

Now my ears.

Now my ears.

Now my paw.

Now my paw.

All done!

All done!

Rusty always puts his right paw crossed over his left.  It’s what he does.



C’mon Romeo


Romeo is such a good boy.  I think he would follow me anywhere!



Patches and the Closet


Patches does not open the closet doors; Romeo does.  Romeo opens them, but forgets to close them.

Patches came along some time later, and saw the open door.  So, she does what normal cats do:  investigate.

I don’t think she found anything too interesting, because she came right out.


closet 2

closet 3

closet 4


Rusty Plays With The Blue Feather


Rusty is an Exotic – otherwise known as “Short-Haired Persian.”  They are recognized as a separate breed, however.

The Persian strain is very laid-back, and don’t get as excited as other breeds of cats can.  So, when Rusty shows an interest in an activity, I’m the one who gets excited!


Unlikely Nap Mates

Patches and Romeo are not “buddies,” but occasionally they surprise me with their activities.  I caught them together on the loveseat, and photographed them over several hours’ time as they changed positions.

Unlikely Nap Mates


Unlikely 2

Unlikely 3

Unlikely 4


Rusty Enjoys The Cushion On Mom’s Chair


Oh my!  I’m in love.  And it’s with Mom’s chair cushion!!


The Blue Feather


Romeo has been surprising me lately – maybe I’ve said that before – but it’s true.  He seems to find ways to do that.  But, it doesn’t take much.

Today, he has attached himself to a blue feather that I pulled out from the toy drawer.  He never paid much attention to it previously.

He looks comfortable enough.  When doesn’t he?


blue feather 2

blue feather