Rusty’s Other Names

Rusty is a pussycat who is blessed with several different names.  Most of these other names have been coined by my husband, Bob.

Bob, who never had a cat before he met me, has grown to be VERY fond of them and talks to them all the time.  He enjoys the attention of Patches who is very talkative and many times keeps him company when he’s watching TV.  She is a very good TV companion, because she actually seems very interested in what he’s looking at, and spends lots of time sitting in front of the TV, looking at the screen.  Romeo never watches TV.  He’s too busy snoozing.  But Bob really enjoys it when Romeo rubs against his leg.  He actually is a very affectionate cat when he’s in the “mood.”  But I certainly did get off the topic, didn’t I?  That’s what’s so nice about blogging.

Rusty and his other names, right?  Back on track.  As you can see from this photo, there is definitely a special bond between those two beings.  It’s at times like these that Rusty is in Earth Heaven.  And, even though he won’t admit it even to me, Bob is there too!  He gets a very soft look on his face with a special smile that I have never seen; only when he is near to Rusty.

Did I get off track again?  Bob is the only one who has given several other names to Rusty because he is so crazy about that cat.  To name them:  LITTLE GUY; STINKER; LITTLE RUNT (he’s small); SPOILED BRAT (he loves to be petted when he wants to eat!); and others that I can’t think of right now.  That Bob – he loves that cat.

2 thoughts on “Rusty’s Other Names

  1. Carol, We had a black & white Burmese named Sultan. He thought he was human. My father, who never liked cats, loved Sultan. Sultan would wait at the front door when he knew it was time for my father to return from work and would “talk” up a storm while he walked through the front door. On Saturday’s, Dad would take a book to the bedroom and read in bed. An hour later, we would peek in to find Dad and Sultan side by side sound asleep. Sultan would have his head tucked under Dad’s chin and his paw across Dad’s chest. They were inseparable. Randye

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