Little Miss Tippy-Tongue

Happy LIttle Girl

 Patches was purchased as a “pet” quality, which means she isn’t “show” quality or breeding quality.  Just a pet.  Sometimes, a “pet” quality cat shows some disfigurement or something missing, which tells the breeder right away this is “pet” quality to be sold as such.

Patches’ little “problem” is that her face isn’t exactly equal on both sides; one side of her face is shorter than the other.  It isn’t noticeable at first, I think, but when you look closer, you will see it.  She has another problem:  she was born with one of her canines missing (the long tooth on top).  And, she also has had some teeth pulled due to periodontal disease.  So, physically, she isn’t “perfect.”  But, she is perfect to us.

Our little girl is extremely sweet and affectionate.  And very talkative.  She talks when she jumps up, and when she jumps down.  When she enters a room where we are, and when she needs some attention.  Sometimes, when I’m singing to a song that’s playing on the CD player, she joins in!  I’m not kidding.  Bob can attest to that.  The first time she did that, I couldn’t believe she was singing with me, but she did it again.  She really enjoys it and comes close to me to show me that she does.

But, I have veered off the subject.  Because Patches has some teeth missing, and when she is very relaxed and just feeling good, that little pink tongue tip gets stuck out.  She looks so cute when she does that.  That’s why she has the nickname, Little Miss Tippy-Tongue.

One thought on “Little Miss Tippy-Tongue

  1. Hi Melody. Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoy my blogs about my favorite in the world cats. I don’t have a camcorder. It would be a nice thing to do. But, you know, as soon as I take out the camera and it makes a musical noise when the lens moves forward, they know something is going to happen. I’m enjoying writing about them. I am a writer at heart, I guess, especially when I have such great subjects.

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