Mutual Grooming


Rusty and Romeo were very compatible.  Grooming was an essential part of their daily routine.

mutual grooming 2 mutual grooming

Nostalgic Photos

I found the following photos that were taken several months ago when Romeo was still here.

Patches-Romeo-one of the rare close times 2

A rare occasion when Patches and Romeo were taking a nap so close to each other.

Romeo was wise in the ways of comfort

Romeo was wise in the ways of comfort.

Rusty-Romeo bunking together for daily nap 2

Bunking together for daily nap.

Rusty-family conference 2

Family conference. Patches would rather continue her nap.




The Unexpected Value of Blogging

I started this blog in 2011.  Didn’t know a thing about blogging, but for a few posts on another blog which was connected to a small business I had at the time.

My cats were the incentive, and I took photos and posted them.

This blog has become my memories, which I can look in on whenever I feel the need to see how far they’ve come and how far I’ve come along with this chosen avocation.

Now that I don’t have Romeo with me anymore, I can look back on all the happy times and his shenanigans and his interplay with Rusty and Patches, that I so much enjoyed!  Better than framed photos on the wall or on a shelf!!

bag 7

Update On Romeo’s Situation

I’ve had a very heavy heart lately.  Wondering and worrying about what has happened to Romeo.

If you’ve read my “Hello Everyone!” posts (4 parts), you’ll know that my life has changed (these things happen as we grow “older”).  Rusty is back, but Romeo is not.


Miss you, sweet boy.

I hadn’t heard from Linda of RU4ME rescue organization in the last 3 weeks (the amount of time since I re-adopted Rusty).  So, it was my assumption that Romeo was still being fostered.  I had to find out for sure about what has happened to him.  I called her this morning, and she apologized for not calling me.  The rescue “business” is a very demanding one, and fitting in personal responsibilities – well, she is very busy, for sure.

I started off my call by telling her how heavy my heart has been every day since I last saw him in that cage, looking at me as if telling me he was very disappointed that I wasn’t taking him back, and that he needed to be back home.

Was I imagining it or was it for real, that his expression in his eyes was full of sadness and fright?

The tears were streaming down my face as I spoke with Linda, and she finally, with happiness and excitement, told me he was adopted.

The boyfriend of one of the young women who fostered Romeo adopted him!  And it was a wonderful placement.  I asked her if Romeo was the only one in the house, and she said he was.

I told her to give the adopter my phone number, and if there is anything he wants to know about Romeo, I would love to speak to him.  I thanked her for all she did for me and Rusty and Romeo, and for all the hard work in making it possible for kittens and adult cats to find new, loving, responsible homes.

At this moment, I still feel sad.  Romeo was my baby for 10 years, and there is a space in my heart (one of many) where he still resides.  But, knowing he has been re-homed in a good place, has lifted some of the weight I’ve been walking around with, for these many weeks.

The Great Divide

At opposite ends.  Romeo and Patches seem to have reached an agreement on the couch.


From New Toy To New Apparel

It’s always interesting to me to watch my cats’ reactions to a new toy.  Sometimes they will get excited (rarely happens) and at other times, their reactions are surprising.

This time, Romeo seemed to like his new toy, but then there was a new twist.  Romeo became a model for a new style of kitty apparel.

Please left-click on the first photo to enlarge and view the gallery.

Cool Cat

Romeo is a very smart cat.  He opens closet doors, he gives me his paw when I say, “Shake.”  And, he, among other things, can find the best spot to keep cool on the sunny patio:  in the shade under a chair.

cool cat

An Attention-Getter

It’s not very often when I walk into the bedroom and there they (Romeo, Patches and Rusty) all are!  I guess I got their attention!



attenion 2

After surprising them, I got “love eyes.” They are so good!


The Lookout

Romeo loves to sit on the cat tree to look out at the lake and is usually interested in something going on out there.

Mr. Great Blue Heron decided to make his appearance this morning, and Romeo was right there to witness him as he strutted along the lake edge.

Left-click on the first photo to enlarge and view the gallery of photos.  Thanks.


Romeo Is Surrounded!

He loves his toys.  They’re his friends, too.

surrounds himself with toys 2