Beach Time

Rusty and Patches have never been to the beach.  And never will be.

However, I think, if they use their imagination, they could believe they are there.  Anyway, here are their pretend photos of “At the Beach.”

almost like being at the beach 2

What could be more “beachy” than fish, sun and waves?

almost like being at the beach

Patches even has her pretend pink whale to keep her company while she’s “absorbing” some ‘rays.

The Question of Rug Ownership

Patches is a very patient girl.  So sweet.  She really wanted to lay down in the spot where Rusty made himself comfortable.  So, she decided to take up the space next to Rusty.  As soon as she did, Rusty left the rug.

I’m always surprised by their actions.  One can never predict what they will do.  That’s part of the allure of cats.  They keep life interesting, for sure.



The Adversarial Paper Bag

As cat lovers, we know how much our cats are drawn to a new paper bag on the floor.  It’s a new toy – one that provokes extraordinary curiosity and challenges.

On a recent day, I threw a little bag down to the floor that had originally carried a small purchase.  I knew it would probably cause a stir.  Little did I imagine how much of a stir it would cause.  It was only a small bag.

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The First Step In Making Lasagna


I’m not much of a cook; in fact, I don’t cook – period.  But, I came across a recipe for making lasagna recently, and it starts off with the first step:



An Unusual Pet Family

Today’s post is not about my three cats.  It’s about a young Brazilian man who has accumulated his pet family which consists of one golden retriever, one hamster and eight birds.  The absolutely star of the photos is the dog.  Typical golden retriever:  loving, patient, and happy.

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Good Job, Rusty. You’re A Very Clean Boy!

Taking photos of Rusty is one of my greatest pleasures.  He is so photogenic and doesn’t mind the camera AT ALL!

This photo session was one of my favorites.  The ending was superb, IMHO!  What a face.

Just hanging around, wondering what to do next.

Just hanging around, wondering what to do next.

I know! I'll start giving myself a bath.

I know! I’ll start giving myself a bath.

I always start with my face.

I always start with my face.

Now my ears.

Now my ears.

Now my paw.

Now my paw.

All done!

All done!

Rusty always puts his right paw crossed over his left.  It’s what he does.


C’mon Romeo


Romeo is such a good boy.  I think he would follow me anywhere!



Rusty Plays With The Blue Feather


Rusty is an Exotic – otherwise known as “Short-Haired Persian.”  They are recognized as a separate breed, however.

The Persian strain is very laid-back, and don’t get as excited as other breeds of cats can.  So, when Rusty shows an interest in an activity, I’m the one who gets excited!


Rusty Loves His PetZone Toy


Rusty is the only one of the three who really gets into this toy.  It’s almost like a “busy-box” for cats.

I kind of got carried away when video-taping this, because after viewing it, I realized it’s 3 minutes long!  I won’t feel sad if you don’t want to watch it for all that time, but I’m glad it happened.  I can’t seem to get enough of this special little guy!!

Here it is:


Ten Enjoyable Cat Commercials


Found on Youtube.  Enjoy!