Update on Separation Anxiety

It’s been about two weeks now, that I have been able to get decent sleep again (see “Separation Anxiety“).  Here’s what I had to do:

The first thing I tried was to put Rusty into the guest bathroom which is at the front of the house (my bedroom is at the back).  With doors closed to both rooms, I couldn’t hear his crying and scratching on that door.  I felt very bad about his suffering and crying, but I HAD TO GET SOME SLEEP.

Then, little by little, I put him into the room with Patches and Romeo for (hopefully) the night; however, Rusty would start to cry and wake me up midway through.  So, for a few hours, I put him into his carrier in the guest bathroom, so he would be safe and wouldn’t scratch on the door.  I’m sure he didn’t like being in his carrier.  And, as the nights passed by, he started to get the idea that he had to stay in the room with the others and be quiet.

Rusty is a smart little guy and he got the message, and, a couple of weeks ago, there is no more crying and Mom is able to get a night’s sleep again.  😀

I have decided, if I have to be gone from home overnight again, the three of them are going to the boarding facility attached to the animal hospital!  I figure that way, there won’t be any more disruption in their schedule at home with a pet sitter trying to care for them in the way in which they are accustomed.

Meow! Purr!

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