Separation Anxiety

Ever since coming back from a short trip last week, there’s not been much sleep going on in my house at night.

more sleep

Human and cats didn’t get much during these past nights.

cat yawning

Rusty was crying and scratching on the bathroom door every night.  So, of course, he caught up on his sleep during the day.

OMG-What a baby-July 2011

Each night I climb into bed, I wonder, “Will I get some decent sleep tonight?”


5 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. Sounds like having a newborn. Which is exactly why I’m waiting until my kids are out of school this summer before I get our family a new kitten.

    • The only thing is, Rusty isn’t a newborn. He’s going to be 9 years old this month! I’m hoping that with the passage of time (if I can hold out), he will settle down, and let his Mom get a decent night’s sleep! Haha. Good luck with your new kitten. Can’t wait to see him or her. Surely you will post photos?

      • Absolutely! I just lost my best friend Sunny. (My kitty) She was 14. So I need some time to heal from that as well. She was there with me through everything. All the births of my babies… *sigh* I miss her. I dream about her sometimes.

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