Can You Find the Hidden Cats?

I must admit I had trouble finding the cats in a few of these.  It’s a puzzle for the eyes, but of course, always eye candy!  🙂


hiding cats 7


hiding cats 8

hiding cats 9

hiding cats 10

hiding cats 11

hiding cats 12


10 thoughts on “Can You Find the Hidden Cats?

  1. Some of these were more difficult than usual! I love the picture with the cat looking down from under the cabinet. You just know she’s saying, “Did someone say dinner?!”

    • John, the 2nd one has the cat peering through the foliage in the SW quadrant; the 3rd one has one half of the cat’s face peering over the TV; the 4th one has the cat peering behind the opened dishwasher shelf; in the 5th one, the cat’s head is upside down behind the cabinet; and the 6th one has the cat sitting on the bottom shelf of the pantry closet, looking like a statue. Don’t feel badly; they’re not easy to spot upon first glance. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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