A Good Start To The Day


I have played around with my iPhone video some more.  And, even though the view is narrow – more so than if I were using a REAL video camera – I’m satisfied with the results.

Here is another one starring – of course – Rusty!

Hope you like the positive way in which he starts his day in the patio.

By the way, Romeo is enjoying his morning, too.  He’s watching our “resident” squirrel outside, who likes to tease Romeo with the antics that makes a cat take notice.  Maybe one day, I’ll be able to catch that little rodent!  With the camera, of course!

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5 thoughts on “A Good Start To The Day

  1. I love the way one cat has his back turned to the other. So funny! Cats never display any sign of inferiority or insecurity in the presence of another. Either that or they are Oscar winning performances. Enjoy the rest of your day! Namaste

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