Rusty Has A New Toy (video)

Rusty belongs to the “Exotic Shorthair” breed – “Exotic,” for short.  In “layman’s” terms, he’s also called a “short haired Persian”; however, the two breeds are recognized separately by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

The breed is very laid-back; in other words, they are not usually active in general.  When thinking of the breed standard behavior, one could imagine a cat that just lays around, catching “40 winks” most of the day (and perhaps also night), and is very content.  The occasional petting session is a bonus.

Rusty, I believe, is an exception. He runs around a lot, and is always coming over to me wherever I am in the house, and asks for my attention.  I follow him and he usually takes me to where I can understand what he wants, looking back and talking to me, making sure I’m still following.  What a guy!

Toys are a mystery – to me – because it is difficult to find a toy that will create an interest so that he will actually attack and play with it.  I found a new one just recently that got him excited.  See video below:

C’mon Romeo


Romeo is such a good boy.  I think he would follow me anywhere!



Rusty Plays With The Blue Feather


Rusty is an Exotic – otherwise known as “Short-Haired Persian.”  They are recognized as a separate breed, however.

The Persian strain is very laid-back, and don’t get as excited as other breeds of cats can.  So, when Rusty shows an interest in an activity, I’m the one who gets excited!


Rusty Enjoys The Cushion On Mom’s Chair


Oh my!  I’m in love.  And it’s with Mom’s chair cushion!!


Rusty Loves His PetZone Toy


Rusty is the only one of the three who really gets into this toy.  It’s almost like a “busy-box” for cats.

I kind of got carried away when video-taping this, because after viewing it, I realized it’s 3 minutes long!  I won’t feel sad if you don’t want to watch it for all that time, but I’m glad it happened.  I can’t seem to get enough of this special little guy!!

Here it is:


Ten Enjoyable Cat Commercials


Found on Youtube.  Enjoy!


Are You Ready To Be Awakened?


I found a cute video.  It shows cats and dogs, birds and cats, etc.  They are trying to wake each other up – sometimes successfully; many times, not.  If you’re ready for some smiles and chuckles, watch this, and by the way, have a nice day:


A Special Petting Session


Rusty and Patches are both the same breed:  Exotics; otherwise, known as “short-haired Persians.”  This breed is known for their “calm and loving personalities.”  Also, they are very “human friendly.”

I really didn’t need to say anything.  This video speaks for itself.


Scott McGillivray’s Kitten


I have been a fan of Scott’s for years.  He is star of the popular TV show, “Income Property.”  I have to admit that many years ago, I would have loved to buy real estate for income purpose, but I didn’t have Scott to rely upon to wisely direct me.

It turns out that Scott is a man of many faces, so-to-speak.  He loves to organic garden with his family and has a show about preparing dishes made with garden fresh produce.

But, I have slipped away from the purpose of this post:  Scott’s kitten:


The Thing In A Bag, Starring Patches

I was rummaging through a drawer yesterday, and came across a toy that I had forgotten about.  It’s the infamous “Thing In A Bag.”

Patches seemed interested.  Take a look:

[Taken with my iPhone]