I originally published this post back in 2011.  Am re-posting and have brought it up to date.

My special girl.

My special sweet girl.

Patches is my oldest (11 1/2) and she is very sweet and talks to me all the time.  She is a silver and orange tabby.  She is also one of two Exotics who share our household.  She is doing very well now; although, it wasn’t always that way.

She had a chronic condition called feline lower urinary tract disease(FLUTD), and she hadn’t had a flare-up in a couple of years. Bob and I were so very grateful for that.  She used to be on medication for it and also on special food.  I wasn’t happy about that because the food was not a quality food; it had so much corn and poor protein.

The medication she was on was amitryptiline and it kept her so drugged that she had no will to play and she didn’t purr!!  I finally weaned her off that, because she only wanted to eat the food that the others ate, and it was a big problem trying to keep her away from their bowls.  I found that she did fine on the quality food the others were eating, so I just relaxed and let her enjoy.

Three days after the weaning from medication began, Bob and I heard her purr!  It was the first time in 2 years!  It was a miracle, and I am so glad I decided to wean her off all the “bad” things.  Even while on the medication and the special diet food, she still had bouts of the urinary problem, so I decided not to continue with the special food and medication.  It turned out to be a wise and happy decision.  🙂