Totally Self-Assured

This photograph speaks for itself.  Just look at that body language!!


Rusty, What Are You Doing?

Rusty got into a crazy mood the other day.  I can’t decide what he was trying to do.  Was he fighting with the chair leg, or was he thinking it was a playmate?  Or, was he loving it?  You decide!

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Rusty Loves His PetZone Toy


Rusty is the only one of the three who really gets into this toy.  It’s almost like a “busy-box” for cats.

I kind of got carried away when video-taping this, because after viewing it, I realized it’s 3 minutes long!  I won’t feel sad if you don’t want to watch it for all that time, but I’m glad it happened.  I can’t seem to get enough of this special little guy!!

Here it is:


My Cooking Supervisor

Rusty follows his Mom all over the house.  He loves to be near when I’m in the kitchen, fixing some food for myself on the counter.  He makes himself very comfortable on the bar overlooking the counter.  He usually supervises, but this time, he kind of dozed off.  That’s OK.  I can manage without his help this time.


No More Separation Anxiety

Problem solved.  Rusty is not unhappy anymore at night.  He is now sleeping with his Mom.

cat sleeping

We tried different scenarios, but now we are both getting a night’s sleep.  It feels good.