A Few Forgotten Memories

I came across an old memory card from a camera and found some photographs I had completely forgotten about.  Romeo and Rusty were quite young in these, and I’d like to share them with you.

Romeo in little houseRomeo is in this little “house” that I bought for him so he could have a place where he would feel comforted and cozy.  As you can see, he was starting to get a little big for it, and he had to fold himself in it.  His leg just couldn’t make it!!  I think this might have been the last time he went into this “comfort zone.”


Romeo and Rusty atop wall unitRomeo and Rusty are sitting on top of the wall unit in my office.  I should have had the flash turned off on the camera.  Romeo is sitting on top of one of the speakers (he is a flyer – nothing is too high for him).  Truthfully, I don’t know how Rusty got up there.  I didn’t put him there, and I know my Bob didn’t.  I do believe it’s the only time he got up there.  He has short legs, and it’s a place that he never showed any interest in; he must have been very excited and followed Romeo up there.  He looks like he’s wondering how he got up there!


Bob smiling with RustyAnd last but certainly not least, here is my Bob holding Rusty.  Bob and Rusty had a special bond.  Bob was his favorite person, and every time Rusty came near Bob, Bob’s face would light up with a beautiful, loving smile, and they would have a conversation.  They had a “thing” going on.  You can see, from Rusty’s face, how he loved to be held by Bob.  And, this is the man who once claimed that he “wasn’t a cat person.”  He was proven wrong so many times, I can’t begin to count.


Cats, Don’t Look At Me Like That!

You know how cats (or any animals, for that matter) are creatures of habit.  They have an inner clock that sounds a loud alarm when certain things have to be done at a certain time!

Tonight was one (of many) time when they hit me with their certain looks.  They made me feel GUILTY.

It’s Sunday night, 9 pm, and I love to watch Theresa Caputo on “Long Island Medium.”  It’s one of my favorite shows.  She’s a medium who delivers messages from people who have died, to their loved ones still alive.  She is a real character – an extremely outgoing personality – and she makes me laugh.  She has another thing going for her:  she lives in Hicksville NY.  On Long Island.  One of my former places of residence.  A special place with many great memories.

The time when I start to get everything ready for the night for my kitties is usually around 9:30, and they start to get restless around 9.  But, on Sunday evening, they have to WAIT until 10 pm!  They give me their LOOKS.


This is a look that makes me feel guilty.

Rusty gives me a look that makes me feel guilty.

Boy, if this isn't an accusatory expression, I don't know what is.

Boy, if this isn’t an accusatory expression, I don’t know what is.

Even Patches is annoyed with me for keeping her waiting for her evening meal and getting set for the night.


Patches' feelings are hurt.  She wants her food NOW!

Patches’ feelings are hurt. She wants her food NOW!