A Special Petting Session


Rusty and Patches are both the same breed:  Exotics; otherwise, known as “short-haired Persians.”  This breed is known for their “calm and loving personalities.”  Also, they are very “human friendly.”

I really didn’t need to say anything.  This video speaks for itself.


Our First Starring Role in Video


Hi Everyone!!  We (Rusty and Patches) welcome you all to our first video.  It is a very special one for two reasons:

  • It’s our FIRST ONE; and
  • We are participating in one of our FAVORITE pastimes:  petting!!

This is Mom’s first experience with video production also, so we ask that you please excuse her for accidentally allowing her finger to be videoed too!

Here it is:


Aftermath Of A Petting Party


Total relaxation.  Satisfied cats.  Happy Carol.


The Communal Bed

I know it sounds kind of “strange” to title this post “The Communal Bed,” but it’s the only one I could think of that seems appropriate.

Most of the petting of Patches, Rusty and Romeo happens on my bed.  As soon as I walk into my bedroom during the day, for any innocent, innocuous reason, I’m followed in by at least one.  If I sit on my bed to pet whomever, the other two are not far behind.

So, before I know it, I’m surrounded by all three.  The problem is:  I have only two hands!!  Somehow, I work around that problem, and everyone is satisfied.

Don’t they look satisfied?




Patches and Mom Kind Of Got Carried Away

Patches likes to approach me while she’s on the kitchen counter near my table.  She knows she will get lots of petting.  And she does!  And she PURRS!!  She is so lovable and sweet.

I kind of get carried away as I’m taking photos.  So, please just breeze through them.  I won’t be insulted – ha.

Patches getting petted Patches getting petted 2 Patches getting petted 3 Patches getting petted 4 Patches getting petted 5

A Super Petting Time: Rusty

What could be better than a really good petting?  Nothing!


Mom, please move your hand closer

Mom, I’m ready! Please move your hand closer.


Loving the Petting 4

A little closer, Mom


Loving the Petting 3

Aw, c’mon, Mom. Now, you’re teasing me!


Loving the Petting 2

I knew you could do it, Mom. This is what I wanted!


Loving the Petting

Heaven here on Earth! Am I lucky, or what?


Keeping Company On My Desk

Aha!  I got the picture(s) I was looking for.

Rusty keeps me company so much of the time, when I’m at my desk, working on the computer.  Every time he struck one of many amazing (to me) poses, I would wish I had my camera in my hand.

So, this time, I had my plan all worked out.  Camera in one hand; the other stroking Rusty all around his face, neck, chin – wherever it felt good to him.  Actually it didn’t matter.  Wherever I stroked was very good and got the desired effect:  purring; chin jutting out for more; head moving this way or that, to get it even better.  You get the idea.

It took several takes until I felt I was on the right track.  I have found that, over the course of years of photo-taking, Rusty turns away from the sound and flash.  I try to remember to set my camera to “macro” mode and turn off “flash.”  Sometimes I remember, and sometimes I don’t, but I keep clicking.

That feels good, Mom.

That feels good, Mom.

A little shift in pose.

A little shift in pose.

Oh yes, that feels good, too.

Oh yes, that feels good, too.

Hmm.  Getting there.

Hmm. Getting there.

Oh yes.  Now, the other side.

Oh yes. Now, the other side.

Now, back to the other side.  Good times!

Now, back to the other side. Good times!

Oh yeah, the chin needs more work!

Oh yeah, the chin needs more work!

Mom, this was the best one!

Mom, this was the best one!


The best for the best!  Love you, Rusty.