Rusty’s Begging/Submission Position


Whenever Rusty wants to be petted, he flops down wherever he might be and “assumes the position.”  What a guy!


Rustys begging position

Patches and Mom Kind Of Got Carried Away

Patches likes to approach me while she’s on the kitchen counter near my table.  She knows she will get lots of petting.  And she does!  And she PURRS!!  She is so lovable and sweet.

I kind of get carried away as I’m taking photos.  So, please just breeze through them.  I won’t be insulted – ha.

Patches getting petted Patches getting petted 2 Patches getting petted 3 Patches getting petted 4 Patches getting petted 5

A Super Petting Time: Rusty

What could be better than a really good petting?  Nothing!


Mom, please move your hand closer

Mom, I’m ready! Please move your hand closer.


Loving the Petting 4

A little closer, Mom


Loving the Petting 3

Aw, c’mon, Mom. Now, you’re teasing me!


Loving the Petting 2

I knew you could do it, Mom. This is what I wanted!


Loving the Petting

Heaven here on Earth! Am I lucky, or what?