Move Over, Make Room!

I was speaking on the phone with a friend this evening and we ran the gamut of topics.  One of the topics, of course, was cats.  She is an animal lover (owner of different kinds as well as cats).

I began reminiscing about when I had my boy, Buster (unfortunately, he was a very sick boy and we had to put him down – one of the hardest days in my life).  He was such a wuss.  But such a lovable wuss.  You could do anything to him and he loved it.  He was such a mush.  He was extremely loved!  And loving!

We allowed Buster and his sister, Patches, on the bed at night after we picked them up from the Miami International airport – they came from Canada.  It was such a good feeling – indescribable.  They were the cutest, cuddliest ever!  Buster was attracted to Bob more than to me, and he would cuddle with Bob at night. He loved to burrow under the top sheet and then curl up against Bob’s legs.

(Sorry, I don’t have any photos of him cuddling up at night with Bob.)

But, here is a photo of Buster cuddling up with Bob on the kitchen bar.

But, here is a photo of Buster cuddling up with Bob on the kitchen bar.

Buster only wanted to get as close as he could to Bob during the night.  In his attempt to get closer, he almost pushed Bob off the bed and Bob was almost hanging off.  Bob didn’t want to make me feel bad about that, and he kept quiet about it for several nights.  (And I was wondering why he was yawning alot!)

So, he decided to “come clean.”  I’m sorry, but I thought it was a funny scenario, and I laughed.  Couldn’t help it.  However, we did have to do something about this situation.  After all, people would start to think that our lives were boring, and they certainly weren’t!

So, we decided to try keeping them in our master bathroom at night.  They wouldn’t be alone – Patches and Buster were good company for each other.  And I made sure their food and water and TOYS were in there.  I closed the door (pocket door) and hoped for the best.

There was no noise coming from the bathroom, so I figured all was well.  We got into bed and was just falling asleep, when something happened.  The brother and sister appeared on the bed!  How did that happen?  I’m sure I closed the door real tight.  So, we put them in there again, and went to sleep.  Again, we were awakened by eight padded feet climbing over us.  That rascal Buster, knew how to open the door!  We gave up.  We were too tired to start thinking about the problem, and figured we would work it out tomorrow.

The  next night, sister and brother were put into the bathroom again, and this time, we knew we would get a good night’s sleep.  Bob installed a hook and eye on the pocket door!  Ahh!  Good ol’ ingenuity.  Thanks, Bob.

No lies - it's true.  And it's still in use with the "Pussycats3."

No lies – it’s true. And it’s still in use with the “Pussycats3.”

My Bob passed away, but he will forever be with me and not forgotten.