Patches and the Closet


Patches does not open the closet doors; Romeo does.  Romeo opens them, but forgets to close them.

Patches came along some time later, and saw the open door.  So, she does what normal cats do:  investigate.

I don’t think she found anything too interesting, because she came right out.


closet 2

closet 3

closet 4


What Is So Interesting About The Closet?

It always amazes me to see how interested cats are to hang out in closets.  Rusty and Romeo, in particular, are no exceptions.

Thinking about the closet

Thinking about going into the closet. I can do it because I learned how to open the door.

closet 1

Yep, I’m going to do it.

closet 2

Sometimes, it takes me a while to think about it.

Closet, here I come!

Closet, here I come!

Oops-someone beat me to it

Oops! Someone (Romeo, my “best” buddy) beat me to it!

lovely tail, Romeo

Lovely tail, Romeo. I see you are looking for a comfortable spot in the closet.

someone is happy in the closet

You found it!