Patches Didn’t Have A Good Day At The Vet Again

Patches has had a problem with “chin acne” for quite some time – it was on and off again – coming and going.  So, lately, it’s been more coming than going, so I decided it was time to seek professional help.

Patches is the one who gets more upset with going to the vet than the other two.  She has always been very sensitive about these visits.  But this time, she was more upset than I remember her to be.  Perhaps it’s because she’s getting older (she’s 12 now).

Dr. Connery prescribed antibiotic and antifungal wipes to be applied 1 – 2 times a day.  Patches isn’t too happy about that, either.

We came home late morning after the vet visit.  Starting from that moment, Patches has stuck to me like glue.  She’s very unhappy, and if I’m in another room, she cries – almost shouts – for me to come to her.  (She can be very demanding at times and this is one of those times.)  She’s been following me around the house, and right now, she’s on the desk in front of me.  She needs comforting BIG TIME!

Sweet girl.  Can't you see how sweet she is?

Sweet girl. Mom is right here.

I hope we all can get better sleep tonight, because Patches kept us up most of the night with her crying.  Those vet visits are most upsetting, poor thing!