A Love Story

We all know how cats seem to gravitate to their favorite things to do; that which draws their attention more than any other thing?  (I’m not talking about FOOD!)

Well, my Romeo has his thing.  I really think that his best time of the day is when I come home from doing my food shopping.  Are you already guessing what I’m going to say?  You’re right.  He can’t wait to start chewing on the plastic bags – even before I take out my groceries!  Then, when I’m busy putting items on the counter before putting them away, he’s in HEAVEN!  I think he especially liked the bag that had the cherries.  He goes for the “good” ones.  These photos will attest to the fact:



Just in case you’d like to see his face, here is another photo of his profile – sorry, that’s the only one I have available right now, but you can look at previous posts to see other photos of Romeo (he is a Ragdoll, BTW):


Disclaimer:  At no time was Romeo in danger of swallowing any plastic!

Hope you enjoyed this post.  To see other posts of my cats, just scroll down.  Any comments will be appreciated!