Tips & Tricks: Make your Cats happy with these Tips

Very good tips for making sure your indoor cat is a happy one. Added bonus: cat photos.

Best Boy Ever

“Best boy ever!”  Those are the words Rusty’s dental hygienist wrote on her report for Rusty’s dental cleaning.  Nicole carried Rusty out in his carrier to me in the waiting room.  I was hoping that it went well.

Nicole was smiling from ear to ear.  She was in love!!  “I didn’t have to wrap him as I normally do with the other cats.  He just stayed on my lap and I did whatever I needed to do in his mouth.”

My happiness was short-lived, however.  She gave me the news that Rusty was having a problem with his other lower canine tooth.  (The first one was removed last year.)  She did temper that news by saying we could wait 6 months and then bring him in for X-rays and maybe the tooth could be saved by filling the bad part – it wasn’t at a point right now that made it a certainty of needing it pulled.

I told her I wanted to be proactive, and decided at that moment to bring him in after 3 months for those X-rays.  When his tooth was removed last year, he suffered much pain (he was drooling and appeared very unhappy), and I had to bring him back for an injection to relieve his pain.  He was much better after that injection took effect.

Nicole concluded the consultation by saying, “I would love to take him home.”  And then she stuck her hand in the carrier, gave him a loving rub, ruffled his soft fur, and said, “He is amazing.”

Nicole also told me that Dr. Love (yes, that’s her real name) wanted him to be given an antibiotic at home to prevent any infection as a result of the cleaning since there was some decay in his canine.  “OK, I said.”  She asked, “Pill or liquid.”  “Liquid.”

The vet tech came out with the bottle, saying, “It’s clindamycin.”  I said, “Oh no.  That won’t do.  I tried giving it to him last year and it was impossible.  I know it tastes very bitter, and it didn’t work out at all.”  She said, “I could give him an injection.”  I said that it would be much better.

So, little Rusty had his injection, which is supposed to last for 2 weeks.  Good.  Back home we went.  He was very quiet on the way, all hunched up with his head crammed in the corner of the carrier.  He always does that, as if he’s trying so hard to find a safe and comforting place.

Welcome home, Rusty.  Romeo was on the other side of the door leading into the kitchen, when I came in from the garage into the laundry room, and was crying.  I forgot to mention that Romeo was crying when I took Rusty into the laundry room and closed the door behind me.  The two of them are buddies, and are great playmates.

Romeo couldn’t wait until I put down the carrier onto the kitchen floor.  He was walking in front of me, going back and forth, impatient for me to put down Rusty’s carrier and let him out.  It was difficult not to step on Romeo as I moved forward.  You know how that is, if you have cats.

Finally, I was able to put Rusty’s carrier down.  Before I let him out, I decided right then and there that this was a blog in the making.  Got my camera and all the photos in this blog are a result.

Romeo looking at carrier 2 Romeo looking at carrier

I thought Romeo was so impatient to have his buddy home and out of the carrier, but no!  He was impatient to go into the carrier!

Romeo walking into carrier

Rusty had to re-acquaint himself with his surroundings, and he was so happy to be back home!

Rusty walking out of kitchen Rusty walking in living room Rusty walking into bedroom Rusty sitting at entrance of bedroom

Yawning is a good way to help you relax:

Rusty yawning

Curling and grooming are sure signs of feeling good!

Rusty getting in the grooveRusty grooming Rusty starting to groom Rusty grooming 2

Now that I know Rusty is doing well and has aclimated to being home again, I think I’ll check out what Romeo’s been up to.


A Love Story

We all know how cats seem to gravitate to their favorite things to do; that which draws their attention more than any other thing?  (I’m not talking about FOOD!)

Well, my Romeo has his thing.  I really think that his best time of the day is when I come home from doing my food shopping.  Are you already guessing what I’m going to say?  You’re right.  He can’t wait to start chewing on the plastic bags – even before I take out my groceries!  Then, when I’m busy putting items on the counter before putting them away, he’s in HEAVEN!  I think he especially liked the bag that had the cherries.  He goes for the “good” ones.  These photos will attest to the fact:



Just in case you’d like to see his face, here is another photo of his profile – sorry, that’s the only one I have available right now, but you can look at previous posts to see other photos of Romeo (he is a Ragdoll, BTW):


Disclaimer:  At no time was Romeo in danger of swallowing any plastic!

Hope you enjoyed this post.  To see other posts of my cats, just scroll down.  Any comments will be appreciated!

Pet Zone Addicts

Whenever I go into my closet, Romeo and Rusty think I’m getting a toy out for them.  Many times, their hopes are dashed!  This time, however, they were about to get something I hoped would draw their attention this time.

I’ve had the Pet Zone toy for years and every once in a while, I take it out, hoping that Romeo would find it interesting again.  Rusty never showed any interest whatsoever.  Countless times, Romeo would look at it, maybe stick a paw in the openings, try to move the mouse, but that would be the end of his attention.

Today was different – VERY DIFFERENT.  Rusty went viral with it!  Take a look:


Well, that was the first one.  He had to think about it I guess.  Here’s the next one:


Oh, sorry, wrong one.  Romeo is drifting off to sleep.  He’s not too interested right now.


Oh, now we’re getting somewhere!


Rusty is proving he can be proactive if he really sets his mind to it!


Oh good, Rusty, you almost have it.  Keep trying!


That mouse is within your sights.  Keep trying.

And in the meantime, Mom is going to express her surprise at this unexpected happening.  She never thought she would see so much action at the Pet Zone and happily so!.

Glad to Be Back!

After a long hiatus, I have decided to “resurrect” my “pussycats3” blog.

Rusty.  My desk companion.

Rusty. My desk companion.

Fortunately, I can report that Patches, Rusty and Romeo are still doing well and are very contented cats; although, I must say, they seem to be a little more spoiled since my last blog posts.  “Spoiled in what way?” you ask.  If you have cats, or have ever had cats, you know how easy it is to spoil cats.  I believe people other than “cat people” have no idea that it’s possible to spoil cats (“Only dogs and children can be spoiled,” you say?).  Example:  I made the mistake of letting Patches and Rusty lick some butter from my fingertip one morning.  Ever since, they are my constant companions on either side of my kitchen chair, and many times, I didn’t know they were there; however, they made themselves noticed by one of them complaining with their “complaining” sound.

Romeo.  Mr. "Handsome"

Romeo. Mr. “Handsome”

I won’t go into the many sounds a vocal cat can make.  (I won’t call their sounds “meows” because most of their sounds do not sound like “meow.”)  Does it sound as if I’m hooked on that word?

Anyway – where was I?  Oh yes.  They are doing very well, except for the fact that poor Patches and Rusty did have some teeth pulled since last I posted.  That was no fun – either for them or for me.  I didn’t have the pain – physically, but I sure had pain in my heart.  Rusty had the hardest time because they pulled one of his canines in the bottom, and he suffered.  Had to take him back to get a shot of pain medicine – fast acting and he was much happier.  Poor guy.

Patches-Happy Little Girl

Patches-Happy Little Girl

So, it feels good to be back, and I hope that you all will find something worthwhile in my postings.

Wishing all a happy and healthy New Year

PS:  I have also started a new blog at called “Sunshinebright.”  Please give it a look!  Thanks.