The Lizard

Romeo made himself comfortable on the windowsill behind my display screen.  It’s one of his favorite places, especially when no one else is there!

All of a sudden, I noticed a lizard (very popular in South Florida), moving around on the window screen.  Grabbed my handy-dandy camera, and took a few.  I was wondering if Romeo would notice the lizard.  It was running all over, having a ball.

Romeo finally woke up and took notice.  But before he could follow it and have some fun, it ran out of sight.  Something like that squirrel Romeo missed a few weeks ago, when he was on the patio.


lizard 1

lizard 2

lizard 4

lizard 5

lizard 6

lizard 3

Are You Ready To Be Awakened?


I found a cute video.  It shows cats and dogs, birds and cats, etc.  They are trying to wake each other up – sometimes successfully; many times, not.  If you’re ready for some smiles and chuckles, watch this, and by the way, have a nice day:


The Thing In A Bag, Starring Patches

I was rummaging through a drawer yesterday, and came across a toy that I had forgotten about.  It’s the infamous “Thing In A Bag.”

Patches seemed interested.  Take a look:

[Taken with my iPhone]


A Good Start To The Day


I have played around with my iPhone video some more.  And, even though the view is narrow – more so than if I were using a REAL video camera – I’m satisfied with the results.

Here is another one starring – of course – Rusty!

Hope you like the positive way in which he starts his day in the patio.

By the way, Romeo is enjoying his morning, too.  He’s watching our “resident” squirrel outside, who likes to tease Romeo with the antics that makes a cat take notice.  Maybe one day, I’ll be able to catch that little rodent!  With the camera, of course!

You are welcome to share the video on your Twitter or Facebook account!



Our First Starring Role in Video


Hi Everyone!!  We (Rusty and Patches) welcome you all to our first video.  It is a very special one for two reasons:

  • It’s our FIRST ONE; and
  • We are participating in one of our FAVORITE pastimes:  petting!!

This is Mom’s first experience with video production also, so we ask that you please excuse her for accidentally allowing her finger to be videoed too!

Here it is:


Cats ARE Smarter Than Dogs ….. See Below:


Well, we’ve heard it before, many times, and dog owners will always protest that their dogs are the smartest and much smarter than cats.

If you click on the video’s arrow below, you will witness the proof positive.  CATS RULE!!

Now, dog owners, what do you have to say about that?  Comments from cat guardians are also welcomed!

For The Love Of…..Boxes


It’s a wonder to me that boxes are the best item of interest to my cats.  And most others, I’m sure.

Boxes are the cheapest and most available toy ever!

Rusty, Romeo and Patches never disappoint when it comes to showing how interested they are when a new box comes into the house.

See below:


boxes 2

boxes 4

boxes 3


boxes 5

boxes 7


boxes 8






Box In A Box


The other day, I put a couple of boxes into the laundry room; the purpose being to bring them into the garage the next time I go in there.

Before I knew it, Romeo was making himself very comfortable – wedging between the little box and the wall of the larger one.  HURRY AND GET THE CAMERA, CAROL!


boxes 1

Before I knew it, Patches made herself known:

boxes 3

boxes 5

No, Patches decided to not go into the box.  Not enough room, I guess.  Besides, Romeo had made the original claim and sweet Patches wouldn’t DREAM of bothering him.




Aftermath Of A Petting Party


Total relaxation.  Satisfied cats.  Happy Carol.


A High-Flying Cat


I came across a video from Youtube.  It shows a cat stowaway on a light, sport plane that appears from the wing.  He grabbed on to a strut and had the ride of his life!!