Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All – Part 4 (Final)

It was with a heavy heart that I left Petsmart on Sunday.  What will become of Romeo now?

I know it is beyond my physical capacity to care for 3.  I was planning on just having Patches to be my company from now on.  I could manage with the two, Rusty and Patches.  The amount of work is just about the same.  I can’t help feeling guilty and sad.  Will this pass?  I wonder.

So, when I put Rusty’s carrier down onto the kitchen floor, he stood up and was waiting for the door to open.  He walked right out.  It was evident that he recognized his home.

Rusty walked out of the kitchen, through the living room, into my bedroom, and walked towards my bathroom.  Looked in, walked back into the bedroom, walked past the bed and went under it.

He needed time to process it all.  Patches followed him into the bedroom, and “kept him company” on the floor on the other side of the bed.  She sat there for a very long time.  She evidently had to process it all, too.

Rusty finally came out when he heard me putting more food in the bowl.  He looked at it, drank some water, and went behind the loveseat in the family room and ducked under it.

Later, he came out to eat.  Followed me everywhere I went in the house, while Patches sat down under the kitchen table and had to let her mind get used to this “new” member of the household, again.

Things have calmed down – they were from the onset, I believe.  Right now, Rusty is comfortable on the console I have next to the TV in my office, and Patches is very comfortable on my desk as I’m typing away.

I believe things will progress from this point.  And, thanks for your patience in allowing me to get this all off my chest. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All – Part 4 (Final)

  1. I am so sorry to read of the troubles you all have been going through. We’ve missed seeing Patches, Romeo, and Rusty, and now to find how the reason behind the absence… my heart is breaking for you. Will be sending purrs, prayers, hugs, and love to you all, and hope that Romeo will find his place in a new home that will give him all that he needs. ❤

    • I had believed that Rusty and Romeo were in a new, good place. We do the best we can under life’s demands, don’t we? I thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment, and let’s hope the road we and our animals travel will be free of too many bumps, right?

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