Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All – Part 2


I contacted RU4ME organization here in Palm Beach County FL.  They are a wonderful rescue organization, and they find homes for mainly cats who need to be adopted.  Sometimes dogs too, I believe.  They accepted Rusty and Romeo.

Those two were adopted immediately.  Together.  That was the stipulation I put on them.

I texted the adopter, and she assured me, as did RU4ME, that she was a good placement for Rusty and Romeo.

For the last 3 months, I have missed them terribly, and of course, I had Patches with me, but there was an emptiness going on here.

Two weeks ago, I got a text from the adopter, telling me that she couldn’t keep them any longer, and even though she has tried to get someone to take Rusty and Romeo, she was getting panicky.  (She wasn’t the only one.)  Could I take them?  I said I couldn’t, but she should contact the rescue organization.  She tried, she said, but couldn’t reach anyone (?).

I contacted them and relayed the problem.  Of course they should have been contacted immediately.  It was in the contract she had signed.

The adopter informed me and the rescue group that she had her hand and arm in a brace; needed to have surgery on her arm; needed to go north for the surgery; will be staying up there with family for recovery; and then was going to be out of country for a month.  In other words, something had better be done quickly because “they were good cats” in her words.

My mind was working and I realized that she probably was not able to properly care for Rusty and Romeo very well, and how were they faring in her care all this time?  These were troubling thoughts.

Everything was arranged for Sat., April 23rd.  She would bring them to Petsmart, where the adoptions took place.  Fine.

Friday evening, I got a call from the activist (Mrs. W.) at the rescue organization.  She was panicky.  The adopter informed her that she will be bringing Rusty and Romeo to Petsmart on Saturday, but she would be leaving them there, and would not return to pick them up if they weren’t adopted on Saturday!

They were not, but a foster home was found for them.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 24th, I showed up at Petsmart before the cages were set up for the “showing.”  After a long while, I found out Rusty and Romeo would not be “showed.”  They were put back in the glass-enclosed area that is set up for “long term” cats.  The rescue group let me in there, and I found Rusty and Romeo in the cage.  I said, “Where is Rusty?”  I couldn’t see him in there.

He was hiding under a small mat.  Romeo was in a box-like raised area.  I picked up Rusty and realized he was in poor condition.  I was told that his fur was very matted, and they tried to clean up some of the tangles.  His ears were very dirty, and he an unkempt look.  Romeo had a frightened look on his face.  There was no blue in his eyes.

To be continued…


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