A Truce On The Rug

Romeo and Patches only tolerate each other as a rule; however, the other day I happened to catch them comfortably sharing the rug that is mostly Patches’ territory.

As long as Romeo isn’t hitting Patches on top of her head with his paw, I guess she’s OK with his “invading” her “property.”  Romeo is still being careful.  He’s using just a corner of the rug.

What a surprise.  A truce is in progress here.


rug 2

rug 3

9 thoughts on “A Truce On The Rug

  1. Very nice! I have a similar situation going on here too — Delilah and Caster only tolerate each other. Caster loves to instigate trouble with Queen Delilah, who gets all worked up into a hissy and whappy paw fit. Caster loves it. Lately though they have been in close proximity to each other with no issues! Even laying on the human’s bed together (not touching though, of course!)

  2. Cats, especially males, are so territorial. I have been teaching mine for years to act like one big happy family. Not an easy mission, not at all. I still to this day have to break up spats that could get nasty. Glad to see your babies beginning the process of sharing. ❤

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