Moving Something Old To A New Place, Makes It New Again

There were two cat furniture pieces in my family room until last week.  They were standing side by side in front of sliding glass doors to the patio (one of two entrances into the patio).

As of late, they weren’t getting much traffic at all, so I decided to separate them.  I hope the one left standing isn’t feeling too lonely – after all, they’ve been together for many years!

My patio is getting crowded with cat toys, scratching posts, raised platforms and nice, comfortable, cushy chairs and ottomans.  Oh yes – also two big, sturdy boxes that seem to be Romeo’s private caves (There’s A New Box In Town) although Patches trespasses sometimes.  Right about now you must be thinking, “Why is Carol filling up her patio with all this ‘stuff’?”

This is not only my home – it is also Patches’, Rusty’s and Romeo’s home.

So, what happened to the cat furniture?  It has found a new home:  on the patio.  And, Romeo has laid major claim to it.

new place 5

Even though Romeo is a little big for the “penthouse,”  he manages to fit in – somewhat.  There’s always part of him hanging out:

new place

new place 2

new place 4

Patches was not to be outdone.  She found the penthouse to her liking as well:

pat new

pat new 2

pat new 3

pat new 4

And so, you might be asking, “Where is Rusty in all this?”  He hasn’t shown any interest in this newly-moved furniture.  He, as always, does his “own thing.”  He’s probably back on Mom’s bed.

Nap time - notice the right paw over left.  He always has right over left.

Yup!  There he is!!!


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