How Am I Supposed To Do Any Work Here?

My cats, Patches, Rusty and Romeo, love to keep me company when I’m in the office, working on my computer.  All work has to stop when all three decide to keep me company at the same time.

computer cats

computer cats 2

15 thoughts on “How Am I Supposed To Do Any Work Here?

  1. What absolutely adorable those sweet little kitties are! What is a better friend than a sweet little cute thing like a cat or a puppy or a bird or a rat —– or anything actually. I absolutely love pets.

    • Why, thank you John. I knew you had a cat, and I so much appreciate your love of animals. Where would we be without them? Be sure to take a look at the latest one, where I have photos of Rusty as he cuddles against his Mom on the loveseat. I don’t know if you realize that I’m not only Rusty’s, Patches’ and Romeo’s Mom – I’m also Sunshinebright!

Meow! Purr!

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