A Love Story

We all know how cats seem to gravitate to their favorite things to do; that which draws their attention more than any other thing?  (I’m not talking about FOOD!)

Well, my Romeo has his thing.  I really think that his best time of the day is when I come home from doing my food shopping.  Are you already guessing what I’m going to say?  You’re right.  He can’t wait to start chewing on the plastic bags – even before I take out my groceries!  Then, when I’m busy putting items on the counter before putting them away, he’s in HEAVEN!  I think he especially liked the bag that had the cherries.  He goes for the “good” ones.  These photos will attest to the fact:



Just in case you’d like to see his face, here is another photo of his profile – sorry, that’s the only one I have available right now, but you can look at previous posts to see other photos of Romeo (he is a Ragdoll, BTW):


Disclaimer:  At no time was Romeo in danger of swallowing any plastic!

Hope you enjoyed this post.  To see other posts of my cats, just scroll down.  Any comments will be appreciated!

Meow! Purr!

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