Favorite Places

You know animals.  They all have their favorite places.  This thought occurred to me as I wandered about the house.  It seemed everywhere I went, there was another one.  Different rooms, different spots, different poses, different favorite “doing.”  As usual, I grabbed my camera (an old Nikon Coolpix S210).  It still takes great photos, even though that itty-bitty orange plastic thing-a-ma-jig that’s supposed to hold the battery in place, broke off quite a while ago.

The first place I walked through was the kitchen.  This is Rusty’s favorite place in the kitchen:


He doesn’t care what else is going on around him:  noise, things being moved, another cat running by, a toy rolling along the floor, dishes or pots or pans rattling, etc.  He just keeps his face in the bowl and he does what makes him most happy.

Then, I went out onto the patio – it’s cooler out there right now.  I have the heat on in the house, but that area is not heated.  It’s probably around 60 F.  Another rather COLD day in South Florida. I was surprised to find Romeo out there.  It seems he doesn’t care what the temp is out there.  He is on one of his favorite chairs – nice and comfy, curled up on the cushion and enjoying the little bit of sun that’s coming through and landing right on his back.  I say one of his favorite chairs, because he really loves best the chair that I like to sit on, but I keep that one unavailable to him with a pillow angled just right so he can’t get on it.  I am entitled to sit on a chair – my chair – without getting cat hair all over my butt, aren’t I?


Well, I’m so glad Romeo’s so comfortable.  Smart cat.

I wondered where Patches could be?  I walked out of the patio, and meandered into the family room.  Ah ha!  There she is.  I am amazed how she can squeeze herself into that “penthouse.”  She’s not a small cat by any standard; and yet, she can maneuver her body into such a small circle!  I have to say she knows how to get comfortable.


As I was walking out of the family room, I passed by the food station, and lo and behold!  Rusty was still at it!  Only, now, he switched over to the other bowl!  Gotta love his determination.


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