Pet Zone Addicts

Whenever I go into my closet, Romeo and Rusty think I’m getting a toy out for them.  Many times, their hopes are dashed!  This time, however, they were about to get something I hoped would draw their attention this time.

I’ve had the Pet Zone toy for years and every once in a while, I take it out, hoping that Romeo would find it interesting again.  Rusty never showed any interest whatsoever.  Countless times, Romeo would look at it, maybe stick a paw in the openings, try to move the mouse, but that would be the end of his attention.

Today was different – VERY DIFFERENT.  Rusty went viral with it!  Take a look:


Well, that was the first one.  He had to think about it I guess.  Here’s the next one:


Oh, sorry, wrong one.  Romeo is drifting off to sleep.  He’s not too interested right now.


Oh, now we’re getting somewhere!


Rusty is proving he can be proactive if he really sets his mind to it!


Oh good, Rusty, you almost have it.  Keep trying!


That mouse is within your sights.  Keep trying.

And in the meantime, Mom is going to express her surprise at this unexpected happening.  She never thought she would see so much action at the Pet Zone and happily so!.

Meow! Purr!

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