Teeth Cleaning Time for Romeo!

I took Romeo for a teeth cleaning at Lantana-Atlantis Animal Hospital.  He has had a cleaning before, but never a non-anesthetic one.  Took a chance-it’s 20% discounted for February-So I brought him there in his carrier.  We waited about 20 minutes or so, and Melissa came out to say she was ready for him.  I expressed my concerns because I …was afraid he wouldn’t be a good candidate for a teeth cleaning without putting him to sleep.  She took him in to the room, and I was left in the waiting room, almost pacing the floor, like a Mom worrying about her child.  Time went by and I was wondering what was going on. Lo and behold!  Out comes Melissa, carrying the carrier with a smile on her face. Romeo did fantastic, she said.  No problem!  He was very good. He has a healthy and nice-smelling mouth now (it wasn’t bad smelling before). I was thrilled.  Such good news!!  What a good boy!

2 thoughts on “Teeth Cleaning Time for Romeo!

    • Yes, indeed. I didn’t know you made a comment about this post re Romeo. thanks. I was just checking all my emails on gmail. Saw the one about your comment.

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