“I’m Not a Cat Person”

Have you read my previous blogs about Rusty?  I mention the bond between Rusty and my husband, Bob.  The photo above shows Rusty in his most favorite place in the world:  snuggled in Bob’s hand for a nap.

Several years ago, after we had our cats, we had company, and in the course of conversation, we were talking about our cats, of course.  Bob made a remark, “I’m not a cat person.”  I really believe that the comfort of Rusty helped Bob in his recovery from heart surgery.  That little guy, Rusty, was and is, Bob’s constant companion.  He has conversations with Bob, and really talks to him and answers him.  That face is a one in a million face, and when he talks, he closes his eyes momentarily to emphasize his thought.  One of the things Rusty does is, when he sees you’re not watching him, he very gently raises his arm and touches you – on the leg or the arm – whatever part of you is easiest for him to reach.  Sometimes, I don’t realize he’s touching:  his soft touch is like a fleeting whisper of a breeze that passed before you realized it was there.  He is the most gentle creature I have ever had contact with, and when he touches Bob, the expression on Bob’s face is priceless.  Complete joy.

2 thoughts on ““I’m Not a Cat Person”

  1. Carol, I have really enjoyed reading your blog! You are a gifted writer!! Your stories are so touching. I found myself laughing out loud at times. I was sorry to read about Buster 😦 I’m glad to hear that Rusty was there for Bob after his heart surgery. They are clearly a bonded pair! My dad says the same things-he’s not a cat person but i have a photo of my cat giving him a nosey kiss when he leaned down. It was priceless and the solid proof I needed to be able to remind him that I’ve called his bluff! 😉
    I’m glad to have met you, Carol! You are a fun and interesting new friend… A cat AND art lover!!! 😀
    Julie xox

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