Rusty Likes to Get Comfortable

This step-down mat at the entrance to our patio has other uses besides stepping down into our patio.  Rusty has found it to be one of his favorite places in the house (he has many).

I’m not getting up.  You’ll have to step around me!

Are you sure you want to come into the patio?  I’m not going to move.  Please don’t trip over me.

3 thoughts on “Rusty Likes to Get Comfortable

    • Sandy, you are not the first one and I believe, not the last. You fell in love with his photo; imagine if you were here in my home, and lived with this unbelievable creature!! More than once, when I have visitors, they are hesitant to leave, and insist they want to take him home with them!

Meow! Purr!

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