Romeo was a beautiful kitten who grew into a gorgeous adult cat.  My sister Merry, calls him “Mr. Handsome.”  He and Rusty get along very well, and sometimes they get very rambunctious, running all over the house.  Sometimes, it sounds like big dogs running.  They have “heavy” feet.
Romeo is a flyer.  He loves to leap onto the tops of the shower walls.  He feels very comfortable there, and it’s one of his favorite grooming places.  He also leaps up there when he knows I want to give him a combing.  Smart cat!
Yes, he is a very smart cat indeed.  He opens all the closet doors in the house.  Nothing is sacred as far as he’s concerned.  He owns the house.  We have mirrored closet doors in the master, and he pulls one side, walks to the other side of the door.  He measures it.  No, not open enough!  Walks back to the first side, and pulls some more.  Measures the opening again.  Still not big enough.  Pulls some more.  Now, it’s open enough and he’s IN.  There are several bi-fold doors in the house, too.  He knows how to open them.  There’s a different methodology enlisted for these.  He pulls from the center where the two parts meet!  Keeps pulling until there’s an opening big enough for Romeo and he’s IN.

Meow! Purr!

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