As his name implies, Rusty is a rusty-hued red tabby.  He is also an Exotic.  He is also the cutest and most comedic cat I’ve ever had.  His flat face is always so expressive, and I love the way he closes his eyes momentarily when he speaks to us, wanting to get his point across.  His eyes match the color of his siillkky fur coat.  When he was a kitten, I had to make sure I held him VERY firmly so as not to let him slip through my fingers.

My husband Bob and I got Rusty to be a playmate for Patches.  You see, Patches came with her brother Buster from Canada.  We expected to have the both of them for a long time.  It didn’t work out the way we planned.  (Not much in life does, right?)  Poor Buster became very ill (won’t go into details), and after much medicating, running to different specialists, and stressing him and ourselves, he decided when it was time to say goodbye.

Anyway, we knew that poor Buster (so very sweet, beautiful and loving), was going to leave us and we didn’t want Patches to be alone.  So, we got Rusty while Buster was still with us.  It was so touching that Rusty bonded with Buster right away, and those two were inseparable.  It was so special that Buster put up with the antics and pestering of the Rusty kitten.  As it turned out, (speaking of planning), Patches wanted to have nothing to do with Rusty, and little Rusty was quite alone after Buster left us.  So, what was the natural thing in a situation like that?  We had to get a playmate for Rusty!  In comes Romeo.

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Meow! Purr!

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